Development of in vitro co-culture model for pulmonary fibrosis.

  • Hoffman, Ewelina (PI)
  • Chau, David (CoI)

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Lung fibrosis is a chronic, progressive and irreversible disorder with poor prognosis. It is a disease where scar tissue builds up in lungs making the airways thicker and hard. The cause of the condition is currently not fully explained. Progressive fibrosis leads to loss of normal lung tissue, resulting in restricted ventilation, respiratory symptoms, exercise limitation, poor quality of life, and ultimately death. There are no curative therapies and only a very limited number of drugs available that may potentially slow the progression of the disease. The very limited understanding of the pathogenesis of lung fibrosis and the failure to develop new treatments for this devastating disease are mainly due to lack of robust in vitro models that mimic the lower lung environment and could be used for toxicological and functional studies.
At present, animal models have been developed to better understand the mechanism of lung fibrosis development and assess the safety and efficacy of new therapies. Therefore, the aim of the current project is to develop a relevant in vitro model to improve the understanding of the disease and reduce the number of animals used in pulmonary fibrosis research.
Short titlepulmonary fibrosis
Effective start/end date2/07/1817/08/18


  • RS Pharmacy and materia medica
  • Q Science (General)


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