Embassy of Australia, Washington DC Public Art Commission

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2018 marks the centenary of military relations between Australia and the United States. To commemorate this historical moment, the Commonwealth intends to commission a public Artwork corresponding with the celebration of 100 Years of Mateship between Australia and the United States.

The Artwork will be an edition of up to three identical elements or a series of three versions, one of which (the First Work), subject to the Commonwealth obtaining adequate funding, will be installed in the new Bates Smart-designed Australian Embassy in Washington D.C to be installed at the Australian Embassy.

Subject to the Commonwealth obtaining additional funding, one or both of the other two editions or versions of the Artwork (the Second Work and the Third Work respectively) are to be commissioned and installed at the Second Site in Canberra and the Third Site, a yet to be advised location
Effective start/end date4/07/1831/08/18


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