Energy efficient and portable hybrid Wi-Fi and Li-Fi wireless network for simultaneous high speed data transfer and illumination

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Wi-Fi (wireless-fidelity) has dominated our everyday lives. It uses radio frequency (RF) wireless networking fundamentals. Limited bandwidth, spectral scarcity and security vulnerabilities are the known limitations with Wi-Fi networks. Most suitable alternative is the Li-Fi (light-fidelity) that is considered as a disruptive technology with large capacity and high-speed data transmission but limited portability. Fundamentally, Li-Fi works on the principles of visible light communication (VLC) that is an old concept but recent advances in LED (light emitting diode) technology have proved VLC to be a cost-efficient technology replacing all old bulbs, tube-lights and even energy saver curly lamps, i.e., use of LEDs can be seen in transport systems (i.e. vehicles, traffic signal lights etc); indoor/outdoor residential and commercial buildings; streets and etc. Since VLC uses LEDs as source, hence it is considered as most economical and sustainable business of electronic and manufacturing industries. In practice, both Wi-Fi and Li-Fi have their own merits and limitations, therefore both technologies can be used benefiting each other from their useful features (i.e. mobility, cost, high-speed data transfer, performance and efficiency etc). The integration of Wi-Fi and Li-Fi wireless networks can significantly improve the reliability for the mobile users. Currently, there exists no single networking interface standard that can be used for such a hybrid Wi-Fi and Li-Fi wireless network.
The focus of this project is to study the integration of Wi-Fi and Li-Fi for simultaneous communication and illumination whilst achieving high data rates transmission. This requires investigation of issues with networking protocols (i.e. handover), hybrid integrations for the inter- and intra-network interface with Wi-Fi and Li-Fi.
The main objectives of this project are:
• Modelling the System and Network requirements for the Wi-Fi and Li-Fi
• Experimental demonstration identifying suitable fast modulation techniques and link performance issues in noisy channel environment
• Develop networking protocols to enhance the network performance
• Analysing inter- and intra-networking interfacing issues for Wi-Fi and Li-Fi for indoor and outdoor applications
• Produce recommendations for possible hybrid Li-Fi and Wi-Fi interface

Layman's description

Wi-Fi is in everyday use but we have serious issues with it when it comes to bandwidth limits (uploading/downloading files or watching high quality movies). The promising alternative technology to Wi-Fi is the Li-fi (light-fidelity) that is based on Visual Light Communication (VLC) fundamentals. Simply it uses the light (i.e. from the ceiling lamps/LEDs) without affecting the visibility. Hence with no additional cost one can have free yet powerful replacement of Wi-Fi. The VLC works similar to wireless systems and networks. Both have their own limitations and merits and their hybrid combination could bring the best of both worlds.
The project is required to investigate important aspects and issues with the networking protocols, handing over, product and services related to Wi-Fi and Li-Fi. (i.e. prototype product development and its performance analysis under different scenarios, Identifying rules and regulation (i.e. protocols) for practical development applications). For example; optimised use of this innovative technology to save energy and still guaranteeing the high speeds data transfer (i.e. streaming/ downloading movies, playing online simulations, virtual reality games, file sharing etc).

Key findings

• Design and Analysis of networking protocols for Li-Fi and Wi-Fi to optimise handover mechanism for high-speed data transfer
• Optimising distance and inter-channel cross-talk in Li-Fi and Wi-Fi networks, respectively
• Integration of Li-Fi and Wi-Fi achieving enhanced mobility
• Load balancing dynamics for handover in hybrid Wi-Fi and Li-Fi networks
• 3 in1 product development and services: Brighter spaces, Hi-speed Li-Fi and portable Wi-Fi
Short titleNetworking protocols for Li-Fi and Wi-Fi networks for data and light energy
AcronymLi-Fi, VLC, Wi-Fi, RF
StatusNot started


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