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Practice learning is a key component in the education of health and social work professionals. Building on two recent studies conducted by members of the research team, which found that students of minority ethnic backgrounds experienced multiple challenges during practice learning including use of English and issues about boundaries and confidentiality in professional practice.
The aim of the proposed study is to explore challenges experienced by students from the discipline of three different nursing professionals and social work in practice learning. The study will focus on students’ experiences. Using participatory research approach, students will be invited to share their views about their challenges in focus groups, and then co-produce resources which aim to support and enhance their professional development in practice learning in a workshop.
We will recruit four co-researchers: one student from each of the above disciplines. Training will be provided for co-researchers to develop their knowledge and skills in participatory research. They will be supported to prepare and organise focus groups, facilitate group discussions, prepare the agenda for the workshop, and undertake data analysis. The project will also contribute to capacity building to support and promote health and social care practitioners’ participation in research activities.
Effective start/end date1/12/23 → 31/07/24


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