Enhancing Student Engagement in Legal and Criminological Modules: An Andragogical Approach in Higher Education.

  • Shumba, Nephat (PI)
  • Hussaini, Sayed (PI)

Project: Research

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This research examines the application of andragogical learning and teaching methods in legal and criminological modules in higher education to enhance students’ engagement. The study is an online survey that includes both students and lecturers at Hertfordshire Law School (HLS).

Key findings

The research identifies strengths and areas for improvement from both staff and students’ insights. Some of the strengths include peer learning and group work,
collaboration, problem-solving and critical thinking within HLS modules. In the same vein, areas for improvement include emphasis on individual problem-solving, learners’ experience, self-directing scholarship, and guidance of students on research skills. Recommendations offered include balancing individual and group activities, incorporating visual aids, and aligning assessments with problem-solving skills and tactics. Fostering self-reflection and collaborative learning can empower students significantly. Implementing andragogical principles can enhance learning strategies and promote effective scholarship in legal and criminological studies.
Effective start/end date3/04/2331/07/23


  • LB2300 Higher Education


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