Enron's Commodity Trading Portfolio Data Warehouse & MIS Reporting Programme

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As the Senior Business Analyst for Enron's Commodity Trading Portfolio Data Warehouse and MIS Reporting programme, I led the requirements gathering phase and worked closely with the trading, risk management, and finance departments to identify their business requirements. These requirements were often conflicting due to the complex nature of Enron's commodity trading activities. For example, the trading department required a real-time system that could process large volumes of data quickly, while the risk management department needed a system that could provide detailed historical data for risk analysis.

Key findings

The project involved high levels of unpredictability and risk due to the constantly changing market conditions and regulatory landscape. Therefore, we had to frequently adapt the system to meet evolving business needs and regulatory requirements. For example, we had to incorporate new data sources and modify the ETL process to comply with changing data privacy laws.
Effective start/end date9/04/0126/10/01


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