European Arts-Based Development of Distributed Leadership and Innovation in Schools

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Education systems across Europe face unprecedented challenges to innovate. However, traditional, cognitive leadership development is inadequate both to nurture the robust, embodied affective capabilities required, e.g. emotional intelligence, resilience, relational skills, openness to reflection and critique, ethical awareness and abilities to deal with leadership emotions and to assure that the leadership talents of all stakeholders are harnessed and developed. To address this inadequacy, innovative, grounded approaches are needed that embrace the creative and aesthetic learning power of embodied arts-based methods (based on performance arts, music, visual arts, creative writing/expression, etc) and ‘develop non-rational, non-logical capabilities and self-knowledge’ (Sutherland 2012), leading to profound learning about affective dimensions of leadership. This practice-based project will unlock arts-based approaches’ potential to strengthen the collaborative nature of leadership in schools, including distributed leadership of innovation by teachers (teacher leadership), students (student leadership) and parents (parent leadership).
To strengthen collaborative leadership of innovation in schools, by promoting innovative methods of arts-based leadership development through sharing of experience and know-how, leading to the creation and exchange of innovative outputs. The project will
1. enhance understanding and appreciation of arts-based development approaches and their practical application to leadership in schools in differing national and cultural contexts, by generating innovative, research-based, best-practice examples and examining transnational and intercultural commonalities and differences
2. increase use and confidence in use of arts-based development approaches amongst policy actors, school leaders, teachers and other stakeholders, by creating an accessible, useful and inspiring online resource of best-practice examples and disseminating the online resource through national and European policy and practitioner networks, disseminated though national and European policy and practitioner networks.
Effective start/end date1/11/1931/10/21


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