European Methodological Framework for facilitating Professional Collaboration among teachers

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Funded by the European Union, the total cost of this project undertaken by six partners is 666.5k euros. UH leads the project’s research and analysis of good practice in professionals’ collaborative learning and distributed leadership - i.e. practice which successfully involve teachers, students and support staff in inclusive collaborative learning and innovation in schools. UH will design a set of resources to enable teachers, leaders and others to develop the practice of DLE as a collaborative and inclusive process. The objective of the project is to facilitate policy development and well-evidenced innovative improvements related to teacher learning at system (state), regional and local levels, and to enhance opportunities for teachers’ collaborative learning by promoting networking and professional collaboration between teachers and other educational stakeholders, teacher educators and researchers. The project recognises the role of leadership in teacher learning and addresses leadership development through the notion of distributed leadership for equity (DLE). The partners comprise: Tempus Public Foundation (Hungary) (co-ordinating institution); University of Jyvaskyla (Finland); National  Centre for Education (Latvia); National Institute for Continuous Professional Development (Czech Republic); University of Hertfordshire (UK); Mary Immaculate College (Ireland).
Effective start/end date1/11/1530/04/18


  • European Commission (EC) - Horizon 2020: £65,144.00


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