Evaluation & Research for Lifestyle Reactivation Project: Jockey Club Smart Homecare Solution

  • Liu, Ben Chi Pun (PI)
  • Yeung, Echo Yuet Wah (CoPI)
  • FONG, Steve Fu Fai (CoPI)
  • Kwok, Alex Pak Ki (CoI)
  • Huang , Daisy Shixin (CoI)

Project: Research

Project Details


The aim of the evaluation project is to review the design of the Project and the LR System; to assess the effectiveness of the interventions in this Project; to articulate and evaluate the outcomes and social impacts of the Project on the elderly users, carers, and volunteers, the service operators as well as the development of the digitalised and personalised homecare service in Hong Kong; to consolidate the Project’s experience and generate evidence-based insights for service model building on the delivery of digitalised & personalised homecare service for different type of elders dwelling in community setting and to plan and design the utilisation of big data from the LR system for gathering operational and service development insights continuously
Effective start/end date1/11/2230/04/24


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