Executive Summary: The perceptions of academic staff supporting students with mental health/wellbeing concerns and students’ experiences of such support across some schools at UH: Implications for pedagogy and policy

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A qualitative study exploring staff's perceptions of supporting students with mental health concerns and students views on such support.

Layman's description

A research study examining staff's stories of supporting students with mental health concerns and students stories of that support. Recommendations include for teaching and learning and whole-university policies and strategies to reduce stigma and promote mental health and wellbeing for students.

Key findings

Findings included the need for staff training in their pastoral tutor role, generic training for all academics in supporting students with mental health concerns, support for staff supporting students, confidentiality to be examined, reporting and access explored, university-wide strategies developed, policies to include mental health and wellbeing, curriculum for all programmes to include a module on self-managing mental health and wellbeing.
Effective start/end date7/03/1831/07/18


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