Field-based evidence base for the impact of agri-environment options on soil carbon and climate change mitigation. Objective 2

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An invitation to tender has been received under a Framework Contract UH has will Natural England. This is a two part project to consider how recent changes in agri-environment schemes will affect the schemes potential for mitigating climate change. Part 2 will only be funded if budgets are available. Part 2 (Objective 2) seeks to ground-truth soil organic carbon models and will involve taking and analysing soil samples across the National Trust Wallington Estate (Northumberland). These data will be used to refine the impact of Agri-environment options on Soil Organic Carbon, ascertain the importance of taking into account regional environmental characteristics when predicting Soil Organic Carbon change under Agri-environment options, and the contribution of Soil Organic Carbon to climate change mitigation under Agri-environment schemes.
Short titleAgri-Env 2017 OBJ2
Effective start/end date24/08/1728/02/19


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