First World War Connected Communities Festival 2015

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This application covers two discrete strands of activity linked by an overarching interest in research collaboration and reflection. The overall aims are:

• To demonstrate both the process and outcomes of co-produced research with a range of community participants
• To co-deliver activities with community partners
• To generate new forms of public engagement with the legacies of the First World
War (FWW)
• To deepen understandings of the FWW and open dialogue on alternative viewpoints and timeframes for the centenary
• To widen interactive outreach and secure access to new, experimental technologies
• To expand community confidence around participation in research and contributing expertise to projects
• To diversify audiences by including (a) innovative technology and (b) a digital legacy accessible anywhere
• To develop new community relationships leading to fresh research partnerships
• To explore models of memory collection through a process of collaborative reflection

Effective start/end date23/06/1523/06/15


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