First year student practitioners’ perceptions on dialogic book sharing to enhance 2-5-year-old children’s communication and language development

  • Madondo, Fortunate (PI)
  • Anderson, Lynda (CoI)

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We noted that there is limited research on the enactment of book sharing practices within early childhood education settings, particularly focusing on under 5s. Hence, this study sought to contribute to the knowledge base regarding practitioners' experiences of dialogic book sharing and its impact on language and communication based on empirical evidence.

Key findings

- Lack of awareness and understanding of strategies to enhance communication and language skills among student practitioners.
- Overuse of direct questioning.
- Students’ focus on behaviour management/exerting control rather than on developing communication and language
- Lack of confidence on the part of the student/trainee practitioners.
- Participants recognised that dialogic reading techniques enhanced children’s engagement.
- Using puppets and props to support shared reading was more successful for one-to-one interactions or with smaller groups.
- Dialogic techniques enhanced creativity in participants and in children.
- Participants recognised the need for greater support to develop their confidence and effectiveness in promoting communication and language outcomes.
Short titlePractitioner Perspectives on Dialogic Reading with 2-5year olds
StatusNot started


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