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The Flora project is concerned with perception – both the way we analyze and identify species of, in this case, common flowers through what we know and how association and memory also play a role in our perception of things

Researching through observational studies underscores and amplifies the subtle practices and languages, which subject the world to signs and systems. The aim of the project is to respond to flowers and plants and explore different pictorial languages and personal, idiosyncratic approaches with reference to the history of scientific drawings and studies. There is a pattern laid down by the way plants are scientifically categorized, however I am interested in seeing, processing, making connections and organizing groups, which might overlap or even contradict the existing organizing schemes. I explore these overlaps by observing and painting the accumulation of specimens. Through the project I plan to greatly advance my own particular concerns about depicting, categorizing, collecting and naming wild flowers. The project is an opportunity to access sources for my research together with the freedom to act outside traditional definitions and expectations or formats and instead accumulate a mass of interpretations.

The project crosses the boundaries of art and science specifically the relationship between the viewer’s perception, knowledge and memory of the observed wild flowers and two-dimensional studies would form a taxonomic wall-based grid of interpretations arrived at by internalizing my visual response to the observed species and by subjecting the collection to systems of visual languages (for example different approaches to painting, collage, pressing, printing, photographing, mirroring) which disrupt the neat categories and classifications of science and open up new and surprising correspondences – a reflection of nature and flora in all its visual complexity.

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Short titleFlora
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