Frameworks and models relevant to teaching, teacher education and professional learning and development

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Frameworks and models: Findings from a literature search

Why was the literature search carried out?
To identify published literature that presents or refers to frameworks and models relevant to teaching, teacher education and professional learning, development and knowledge. The literature included in the attached spreadsheet relates to different types of framework or model e.g. conceptual, theoretical, ethical and practical.

How was the literature search carried out?
Literature was identified in 2016 from the UH Online Library within the following subject areas: teacher educator; University/HEI and school partnership; and conceptions of teaching.
For each relevant source, details were entered into the spreadsheet and the framework or model presented or referred to in the text was categorised according to whether it related to:
•Professional learning
•Professional development
•Professional knowledge
•Teacher leadership
•Teacher identity
•Teacher educator identity
•Mentoring/teacher educator role
•Conceptions of teaching/learning
•Partnership - HEI/school
•Other (e.g. model of collaboration; model of conceptions of assessment)

How can the search findings be used?
This literature could be used as a resource for:
•Scholarly and academic writing

Contact details
If you have any questions about the spreadsheet, please contact:
Liz White, Research Lead in Initial Teacher Education ([email protected]) or
Claire Dickerson, Research Fellow ([email protected])

This literature search was funded by a School of Education Award as a result of a successful application to an internal competitive call for a School of Education Research Award. We were awarded £1000 to identify frameworks and models in the educational literature that are relevant to teaching, teacher education and professional learning. The aim of the project was to support the theorisation of a number of research projects within the School of Education, in order to raise the quality of academic outputs.
Short titleFrameworks and models
Effective start/end date12/10/1531/07/17


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