Geraci Siculo: “Missione Futuro” (Mission Future)

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“Missione Futuro” is integral to the Political Manifesto of the Geraci Siculo Council and developed in partnership with Edizioni Arianna (our two main non-academic partners at the development stage of this Summer School). The broad scope of MF is focused on achieving sustainable urban development through an interdisciplinary approach, aiming to generate a shared vision of space and society. It addresses critical issues such as depopulation and the construction of territorial cultural identity, with the aim of influencing strategies, policies, and actions.

Geraci Siculo is a small village in the Madonie mountain Range in Sicily. This village, alongside others in the area, has shrunk in recent decades as people have emigrated to big cities along the coast, the North of Italy, or abroad. This phenomenon has impacted the urban fabric and the citizenship, leaving large areas of the town empty and often abandoned, with some past initiatives failing to address this issue. The proposed summer school (July 2024) is the kick-off event for the council to explore the opportunity to redesign and reuse these abandoned areas of the medieval centre as places for scientific research and to attract IT companies and digital nomads. For a comprehensive understanding of this real world scenario, the design teams will actively engage with citizens, councils, scholars from various fields, and stakeholders interested in taking ownership alongside the council.

Outcomes and Impact: The outcomes will encompass visions for the city that will assist the Council, stakeholders, and the community in visualising possible scenarios and will serve as a pilot for further exploration at the scale of the 16 Madonie villages, potentially becoming a model for development in other Italian villages facing similar situations. The project will be launched during a press release conference (July 2024) and disseminated through an exhibition with a public debate (October 2024), fostering a shared vision to better focus the sustainable manifesto for the town, aiding in addressing the issues of repopulation and economics.
Short titleMissione Futuro
Effective start/end date14/07/2428/04/25


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