Green Communication Networks: Renewable Energy-based network architectures and protocols

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The energy consumption of large information and communication technology (ICT) sector can be divided into energy consumed by: i) the user devices, (ii) the telecommunication network infrastructure, and (iii) the data centres. While end user devices are the major contributors, nonetheless more than half of the energy is consumed by the telecommunication and data centres networks. Most of the present network switching architectures employ old infrastructure and heavily dependent on traditional electrical power sources. With increasing trends in broadband optical applications such as: IoT and big data projects, and moving resources into cloud the energy consumption is destined to drastically increase if the network energy efficiency is not improved or optimised. Green Communication and Networking is a new emerging area finding new solutions reducing the energy consumption in ICT industry, electrical & electronics, Optical-wired and wireless, and other manufacturing industries.

This research project is intended to optimise the switching and links solutions for next-generation wired, wireless, and smart-grid networks. The main outcomes of this project are expected to workout efficient mechanisms for minimizing energy consumption of wired and wireless networks without compromising QoS and their impact on smart grids. The successful outcomes will produce a demand-based resources trading model for green communications. These outcome will play significant role in global economy whilst helping in-crisis power-energy sector developing smart solutions for building, town, and cities meeting the country wide needs.

Research Theme: Global Economy, Information and Security, Smart Grid solutions

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Energy companies, town planning offices and countries as a whole look forward to sustainable solution based on alternative energy resources. These however are not feasible for every place (home/town/city/country). Thus it is required to workout feasible model solution considering technology, cost-economics and sustainable business models. This project will develop scalable and modular approach to work towards such solutions.

Key findings

Green communication, Smart girds, Optical, wired and wireless networks,
Short title Green Communication Networks Architectures and Protocols
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