Haiti Earthquake Disaster Response

  • Jayalakshmi, Garrabost (PI)

Project: Consultancy

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A series of videos that tell the story of the lives of some Haitians as they attempt to re-build their life with the help of CRWRC. CRWRC raised an estimated 9 million US dollars to help the victims of the disaster. We visited Haiti three times over the space of one year to make 18 videos which are personal testimonies to what has been one of the worst disasters in the world. The videos range from immediate disaster response as in the giving of tarps and food to helping with psycho-social trauma and then eventually moving on from disaster response to developmental issues.

Layman's description

Videos about people's lives as they come to terms with the Haitian earthquake

Key findings

People are extra-ordinarily resilient in the face of huge natural disasters. CRWRC has been one of the organisations that has actually spent most of the money it got from its disaster response appeal - they have helped people to rebuild their houses and their lives through a series of well thought through interventions.
Effective start/end date3/05/1015/07/11


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