Help to Grow: Management - 12 Week Programme

  • Brown, Christopher (PI)
  • Stevens, Lynne (CoPI)

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What is the Help to Grow scheme?

The scheme includes two programmes to support SMEs: Help to Grow Management and Help to Grow Digital.

1. Help to Grow Management is a government-supported management training and networking programme to help SME leaders around the UK meet today’s business challenges. The 12-week programme, which is 90% subsidised by the government, is designed to help senior managers of SMEs reach their full potential, learn from peers and network with other businesses.

2. Help to Grow Digital provides tech support and allows eligible businesses to apply for a discount of up to 50% towards the costs of buying cutting-edge approved software, worth up to £5,000.

Layman's description

What the Hertfordshire Business School has delivered is the first cohort on the Help to Grow: Management

Key findings

Leaders taking part in the programme will benefit from:

- Training on leadership, marketing, employee engagement, financial management, competing internationally
- Support from a business mentor
- Peer-learning sessions
- Access to an alumni network
- Help to develop a business growth plan

Delve deeper: four entrepreneurs share how they are benefiting from the Help to Grow: Management programme
Short titleHtG: Management
Effective start/end date3/01/2231/07/22


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