Hertfordshire Astronomy 2018-2021

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This application by the University of Hertfordshire is to continue its programme of STFC-supported astronomy research. In 2014 most staff were covered by a consolidated grant application that resulted in the funding of 6 PDRA projects and applicant-only funding for a further four staff. Three staff members were supported by a specialist nuclear astrophysics consortium grant (BRIDGCE), leading to 1 further PDRA award; the two of these staff members that remain have now rejoined the consolidated grant. In adherence to the guidelines, this application presents all our bids for support in the form of 14 distinct programme strands needing a PDRA each, along with 3 investigator-only requests. We also request formula support for the salary of our system manager, who supports a computing network for 60+ astronomers, and for an administrative secretary, along with an allocation for travel and computing hardware.
Effective start/end date1/04/1831/03/21


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