HS&DR Project: 14/04/40 - How do different neurodisability services meet the psychosocial support needs of children/young people with feeding disabilities and their families: a national survey and case study approach to mapping and costing service models, care pathways and the child and family experience

  • Craig, Gill (PI)

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The research aims to map how different neurodisability services have responded to the recommendations of evidence reviews on the need to provide families considering a gastrostomy feeding tube for their child with structured support within care pathways to improve the quality of decision making about children's need for a gastrostomy.

We aim to:

a) identify different service support models nationally;
b) compare the implementation and operation of contrasting models of support and resource differences; and,
c) provide an estimate of their costs, sources of funding and cost variations.
Short titleGastrostomy and Psychosocial Support
Effective start/end date1/01/1631/12/18


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