– International Network to Implement EU Physical Activity Guidelines on Infrastructure Development

  • Suomi, Kimmo (PI)
  • Kotthaus, David (Researcher)
  • Tammelin, Tuija (PI)
  • Koivuniemi, Kaisa (Researcher)
  • Kolb, Michael (PI)
  • Amstätter, Martin (Researcher)
  • Schwarz-Viechtbauer, Karin (Researcher)
  • Borgogni, Antonio (PI)
  • Digennaro, Simone (Researcher)
  • Conti, Daniela (Researcher)
  • Chiodo Karpinsky, Raffaella (Researcher)
  • Vlasblom, Eline (PI)
  • Tak, Erwin (Researcher)
  • Hoyng, Jeroen (Researcher)
  • Kalvenas, Alvydas (PI)
  • Kukenys, Tomas (Researcher)
  • Kilikeviciene, Sandra (Researcher)
  • Rütten, Alfred (PI)
  • Dieck, Michael (Researcher)
  • Klages, Andreas (Researcher)
  • Benedicic Tomac, Saska (PI)

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