Impermeable barriers in cementitious matrices modified with 2D materials

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The aim of this Royal Society research grant is to investigate the efficiency of 2D materials (e.g. graphene, 2D silica etc.) as nano-additives in cementitious matrices for the development of impermeable matrices. Creating tortuous pathways for deleterious to concrete compounds will improve dramatically the durability performance of cement-based composites. The scope of the study is to investigate the potential of 2D materials in the development of ultra-durable concrete. The use of such hybrid composites in the future will lead to more resilient and sustainable structural elements with engineered immunity against degradation phenomena.

Layman's description

Civil infrastructure (bridges, tunnels, motorways, dams, airports, gas/oil platforms) forms the backbone of societal and economic growth. Concrete is the dominant construction material and the key element in the vast majority of infrastructure assets. However, as a direct consequence of concrete’s exposure to the elements a number of corrosion-related problems initiate. The corrosion related costs are a major problem worldwide with an annual budget of 2.2 trillion US dollars. In the UK alone the annual cost of corrosion comes to a total of £70 billion where currently between 35 and 40% of all construction spending is on repair and maintenance of civil infrastructure as a direct consequence of concrete inability to resist environmental weathering.

This project proposes propose to investigate the use of 2 dimensional materials (e.g. graphene) in concrete to yield a composite with ultra-high resistance to environmental weathering and therefore less prone to corrosion related problems. Two dimensional materials are very well known for their tough and durable nature and their incorporation to concrete can open new paths for the development of better and more sustainable construction materials.
Effective start/end date27/03/1926/03/20


  • TA Engineering (General). Civil engineering (General)
  • cement
  • concrete
  • ultra-durability
  • 2D materials
  • graphene
  • impermeable barriers
  • durability


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