Interdisciplinary Investigation of Major Safety Issues Related to Power Batteries and Electrochemical Energy Storage Systems

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British Council - Newton Fund Project:
The Climate Change Act 2008 was introduced in the UK with stated aim of reducing UK greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to 80% of the 1990 levels by 2050. Electrochemical energy storage system (EESS) as one of the most promising solutions for large scale reduction in carbon dioxide (CO2) missions is exhibiting booming development.China, as the largest energy consumer and GHG emitter in the world, is confronted with unprecedented and tremendous challenges. It is predicted that the installation capacity of EESS in China will reach 19.3 GW by 2023. However, EESS safety, as the primary technical bottleneck, is severely restricting the commercialization process in the worldwide. This topic of the workshop is “Interdisciplinary investigation of major safety issues related to power batteries and electrochemical energy storage systems”. EESS safety
mainly focuses on three aspects: material intrinsic safety, device safety, and system safety. This workshop has the academic researchers and industrial institutions from different disciplines as the main beneficiaries.
Effective start/end date1/02/2131/12/21


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