International Master of Science on Cyber-Physical Systems (MS@CPS)

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The ERASMUS+ Key Action 2 (Capacity Building in the Field of Higher Education) MS@CPS is a collaborative effort among EU and MENA countries for the establishment of an International Master of Computer Systems on Cyber Physical Systems. The envisioned master programme will focus on the contemporary recent technologies in the fields of Embedded Systems (ES) and Knowledge-based Systems (KBS) that provide the needed expertise for a CPS education and tremendous economic opportunities and furthermore span various important applications in our daily life such as: Internet of Things (IoT), autonomous cars, smart phones, embedded systems, big data, semantic computing, cloud computing, etc.
The curriculum of MS@CPS program will be designed by analyzing the existing curricula in the area of embedded and knowledge-based systems, then a field study of market requirements and needs in the MENA region will be conducted. In parallel, the consortium members will review and examine pedagogical teaching and learning methods to fulfil the program objectives. Further, the curriculum of MS@CPS will be strongly aligned with the special requirements of the industry in the MENA countries in order to establish the skills of the students for strengthening the economy. In particular, MS@CPS will arrange several activities in cooperation with the industry partners to provide an open platform for students and industry, which will strengthen the students' skills and establish joint internships and master thesis. By providing solid skills in entrepreneurship and adopting proven mechanisms from program countries, the graduated students of MS@CPS will be able to establish their own start-ups.
By enrolling in this program, the students will benefit from the multi-cultural experience and contact with different teaching styles responding to labour market needs, foster innovation and create top talents as the mobility readiness and complex system solution handling are highly valued skills for technology-driven companies.
Effective start/end date15/11/1815/11/21


  • QA75 Electronic computers. Computer science
  • QA76 Computer software


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