KidnEy olDer persoN Assessment (EDNA) study development: understanding what matters to older people living with frailty and chronic kidney disease, their caregivers and healthcare professionals

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Development Objectives
1. Determine if and how comprehensive geriatric assessment (CGA), or component parts, are implemented in UK kidney units
2. Define a core set of outcomes, through stakeholder engagement, for a study of CGA in the nephrology setting

Nearly half of people aged >65 years starting dialysis have three or more geriatric impairments, including frailty [1], which are often unknown to the treating team [2]. A more complete understanding of an individual’s health needs will inform the development of person-centred care plans, which include better kidney management decisions and the offering of targeted interventions (e.g. rehabilitation), leading to improved patient and caregiver wellbeing.

An important decision in advanced kidney care is whether to commence dialysis or to receive conservative kidney management (i.e. medical management without dialysis). This is especially challenging for those with multimorbidity and frailty, as dialysis has the potential to prolong life but may not always improve wellbeing [3]. CGA is considered the ‘Gold Standard’ care for older adults, involving multidisciplinary assessment [4], and could help better understand the health needs of older people with advanced chronic kidney disease (ACKD).

Research is needed to inform the implementation of CGA for populations with ACKD [8]. We hypothesise that CGA, adapted to the nephrology setting, will lead to improvements in health and well-being for older people and their caregivers by informing decision making and leading to better kidney management decisions.
Short titleCGA Development
Effective start/end date1/10/231/01/25


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