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To achieve translational impact, the following activities are proposed.
1. Present CAPS and B-CAPS project findings at Pig Veterinary Society (PVS)
PVS is an internationally recognised subdivision of the British Veterinary Association. The Pig Veterinary Society spring meeting on 20th March will be attended by PVS members, mostly pig vets, pig specialists, academics and researchers working on pigs. Presenting to them is an excellent opportunity to start translating our work across to pig vets and thereby out onto farms for practical application. The presentation will cover work packages on tissue archive and Clostridioides difficile, and as such UH and AHDB project leads will attend.

2. Virtual abattoir
A priority identified at a B-CAPS workshop attended by key stakeholders of the pig sector is creating education and training tools, such as creating a virtual abattoir and farm. These could help drive job satisfaction and retention in the pig industry, and provide an abattoir experience that is currently lacking for people entering careers in food safety.

3. Food Chain Information (FCI) review – focus group
A FCI review was undertaken as part of the B-CAPS project. Through that work, the need for a focus group with the Food Standards Agency and food business operators (FBOs) became apparent. The focus group would seek to understand and clarify responsibilities, and work towards agreed information to be collected that both complies with the legislation but is also of benefit to food safety and the industry. The focus group would work through the outputs of the B-CAPS FCI review report to look to create a new FCI template which could be piloted with integrators for their comment. We would also like to explore the possibility of creating another form for farmers to fill out which is separate to FCI but fully transparent. The intention of this would be to avoid farmers being penalised for participating in microbial detection studies, where sampling is above and beyond what is currently required by law.

Budget requested (100% fEC) Budget to be paid (80% fEC)
Total budget £17,960 £14,368
Project Lead £3,160 £2,528
Project partner £14,800 £11,840

Short titleFood Safety Research Network
Effective start/end date11/03/2410/09/24


  • UK Food Safety Research Network: £14,368.01


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