LC-MS Analysis of Cell Media Components to Better Guide Cell Bioprocessing for Advanced Therapy Manufacturing

  • Baker, Daniel (PI)
  • Kusena, James (PI)

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Autologous (i.e. patient derived) cell therapies have been shown to be beneficial in the treatment of several diseases. Optimisation of bioprocessing can be used to improve the efficiency of cellular growth and control the quality of the cell product produced. The control of cell media components, which are used to support the growth of cells when cultured, can assist with this. Commercial analysers exist which can be used to monitor the concentrations of cell media components; however, these analysers are limited by the number of components which can be monitored and require prior knowledge of the components of interest. An analytical technique which is non-discriminatory and can monitor a number of different components, would be advantageous. LC-MS is one such technique which can meet these needs.
Short titleLC-MS
Effective start/end date1/06/2231/12/22


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