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9 AUGUST – 20 Febuary 2012
In August 2011 a major trans-European artistic collaboration was launched at the Skyway Festival in Torun (Poland), before being seen at two other light festivals in Tallinn, (Estonia) in September, and in Durham (UK) in November.

It received €199,500.00 support from the EU culture fund.

Three artists – one from each country – were each commissioned to create a work of art for the three light festivals in an international collaboration called Lux Scientia. The three artists – Simeon Nelson (UK), Dominik Lejman (Poland) and Leonardo Meigas (Estonia) each collaborated with a scientist to create the work and all three works will explored both the scientific and aesthetic aspects of light.

Lux Scientia was also a platform for debate about how the different artists’ vision relates to the their installation in different spaces and environments. It was also to raise awareness of a shared European heritage, foster mutual understanding, and celebrate the cultural diversity of the three participating countries. Each festival held a round table discussion or debate between resident artists and scientists which culminated in a symposium in February 2012 hosted in London and curated by Artichoke and curator Mario Caeiro.

The project received funding from the European Commission’s Culture Programme, demonstrating the power of cultural events to attract inward investment and build local economies.
Effective start/end date9/08/1120/11/11


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