Mechanisms of anti-diabetic actions of natural plant products

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There is limited understanding of the antidiabetic profile of such natural remedies and there is no substantial scientific evidence in support of their therapeutic benefits in man. Moreover, not much effort has been made toward identifying the key hypoglycaemic constituents or indeed elucidate the underlying mechanisms that could lead to their antidiabetic effects. This project will explore the efficacy and potency of isolated constituents of 3 plants; Tabernanthe iboga (TiAE), Guibourtia tessmanii (GtAE), Zanthoxylum hertzii (ZhAE).

Layman's description

This project is aimed to advance our understanding of plant remedies widely used in Gabon in health and disease.
Short titleGabon plants in diabetes
Effective start/end date3/03/1431/07/18


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