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The proposal is presented by the Integrated Clinical Academic Mentorship Collaboration, hereafter ICAM), a growing partnership of organisations representing the non-medical professions and health care scientists. We have extensive experience of delivering mentorship programmes and a strong commitment to fostering a sustainable research support culture for those pursuing clinical academic careers.
The strategic focus of the proposal is to take the existing scheme to the next level of engagement and dissemination, building on the strengths and successes of the previous 3 years. We aim to build a nationally quality assured status leading to a 'kite mark' for the scheme.
Key activities will include the development of a skilled alumni network, embedding mentorship and outreach into local and regional networks and disseminating good practice, through working with existing professional networks and engaging with NIHR collaborations such as the CLAHRCs.
Effective start/end date1/11/1531/10/18


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