Mesoscale modelling for Air Quality Application

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This project has significantly increased our scientific understanding of the importance of mesoscale modelling for air quality applications. Advanced models, such as WRF-CMAQ, have been recognised to be essential to our understanding of the processes that lead to air pollution episodes and to address policy needs. Our ability to develop and apply complex models for air quality research and user-orientated applications has been significantly increased. A major outcome of MESO-NET has been the increased coherence and interaction between the user and academic (NCAS) communities in this area. In addition, joint research between the air quality and climate communities has been stimulated and has led to a number of projects with MESO-NET proving to be pivotal in stimulating knowledge transfer to user communities in the area.
Effective start/end date1/11/0631/10/09


  • UKRI - Natural Environment Research Council (NERC): £141,188.00


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