Modeclix 3D printed textile

  • Borstrock, Shaun (PI)
  • Bloomfield, Mark (PI)

Project: Research

Project Details


ModeClix is the first fully customisable 3D printed component used in the construction of, in the first instance, garments addressing the emerging demand for bespoke, fully customisable products. The significance and originality of this research project combines both traditional construction techniques with advanced technologies (3D printing), to test and demonstrate the technical feasibility of the product and its commercial applications. Early stage prototyping has been completed and has proved to be successful. Further research and development is underway to produce additional customisable components to enhance the functionality and assembly options. There are currently no other products in the market that address the construction of garments using 3D printed technology in this way. ModeClix has been cited in a number of academic publications that highlight the impact it has made on the ways in which 3D printing is used and the potential use of the product in the development of but not limited to toys, jewellery, medical applications.

Layman's description

development of fully customisable 3D printed textile
StatusNot started


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