Modushelter: Modular Shelter System for Post Disaster situations

  • Proust, Antoine (Researcher)

Project: Research

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The MODUSHELTER is a modular and efficient construction system for habitat combining sustainable materials with rapid manufacturing, contributing in raising the living standard for emergency situations. The result of this project will be the creation of a habitat which minimum unit is a shelter, with the possibility to evolve into compounds of several houses. All the components will be manufactured using large-scale 3D printers and will arrive by airplane to the closest airport from the disaster area. Being fully modular the MODUSHELTER have the possibility to be easily dismounted and transported to a new area in case of a sudden change of situation or dismantlement of the refugee camp and will be reused for a new purpose when villages have been reconstructed. The lightweight quality components can be reassembled in the shape of containers to be ideally transported by large drones so they can be dropped into new needed areas. The container boxes are intended to be opened and assembled by the refugees themselves who would be using a simple instruction leaflet and there would also be space inside for them to receive food and first-aid kits as well. The versatile design will give the opportunity for the refugees to be creative, giving the back the feeling of ownership and regain of dignity in a very tough situation.
Short titleModushelter
StatusNot started


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