Multi-layer Cybersecurity and Situational Awareness to Enhance Resiliency in Qatar’s Power Grid (Phase 1 - Year 2))

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The project clusters are spanning over three major goals: (G1) infrastructure cyber security and data integrity, (G2) cyber-physical intrusion detection, and (G3) proactive control actions and attack resiliency. The main concept of the proposed project to achieve these three major goals is to firstly outline the power grid and discover all the operational technology (OT) devices; then secure communications and data collection will be developed; after that minimization of attack surface will be developed; the intrusion detection from system level to power grid fraction and finally at device level is proposed which provides proactive cyber-physical security for critical infrastructure of the country; finally a recovery and autonomous control schemes will be developed in response to cyber-physical attacks.
Effective start/end date1/09/231/01/25


  • Qatar Foundation: £2,534.36


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