National Programme for IT (NPfIT) NHS MIS Programme

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As the senior Business Analyst on the National Programme for IT (NPfIT) NHS MIS project, my responsibility was to ensure the project's successful delivery, meeting all stakeholder objectives. Time Warner Cable was involved in providing webmail services to the NHS as part of the UK government's initiative to modernize IT infrastructure. I faced several challenges, including conflicting objectives and high levels of uncertainty and unpredictability. The project comprised multiple work packages, projects, and programs, each with its own set of priorities, making it necessary to balance these conflicting objectives to meet all stakeholders' needs.

Key findings

Collaborating with interdependent stakeholders, including representatives from the NHS, the UK government, and Time Warner Cable, was another challenge. I facilitated communication and collaboration between stakeholders, identified common goals, and found solutions that met all parties' needs. The project also involved significant technical complexity, and I managed the risks associated with implementing a new MIS system across the NHS. I identified potential risks, developed risk mitigation strategies, and monitored the project closely to ensure that risks were managed effectively.
Effective start/end date9/08/0417/12/04


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