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The NIHR Policy Research Units (PRU) undertake research to inform government and arms-length bodies making policy decisions about health and social care. There are 15 NIHR units nationally which provide both a long-term resource for policy research and a rapid-response service to provide evidence for emerging policy needs. The PRU in Behavioural Science hosts a multidisciplinary team of researchers across institutions, to create a critical mass of experts for research in priority areas for health and social care policy. The unit works closely with the Department of Health and Social Care to determine priorities and provide evidence directly to the Secretary of State for Health, government departments and arms-length bodies, such as NHS England. Neil is seconded to the PRU team at UCL and his main involvement is contributing to a project looking at the optimisation integrated care for people living with physical and mental health challenges.
Short titleNIHR
Effective start/end date25/09/2330/06/24


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