• Schifano, Fabrizio (CoPI)
  • vento, alessandro (CoPI)
  • Corkery, John (Researcher)
  • Guirguis, Amira (Researcher)
  • Napoletano, Flavia (Researcher)
  • Arillotta, Davide (Researcher)

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a crawling/navigating software (i.e. the ‘NPS.Finder®’) was designed to automatically scan the open/surface web for new/novel/emerging NPS (for a thorough description of both web crawling and data cleaning activities please refer to recently published studies [5] [6]). This software was designed to map on a 24/7 basis the large variety of psychoactive molecules mentioned within a range of popular online psychonauts websites/fora
Effective start/end date14/11/17 → …


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