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I was part of NTL's "Business.com" program, which aimed to provide a comprehensive online portal for small and medium-sized enterprises in the UK. As the Business Analyst for the MIS Self-Service Portal Project, my role was to gather and analyse requirements from various stakeholders and translate them into functional specifications. The project aimed to provide self-service functions to end-users within the organization, allowing them to access business information, reports, and queries with intuitive and user-friendly functionality, without assistance from the IT department.

Key findings

The MIS Self-Service Portal Project was just one of several work packages within the broader Business.com program, which meant there were multiple interdependent stakeholders with competing interests that needed to be managed. I worked closely with the project manager to ensure that the project's objectives aligned with the overall program goals and that any potential conflicts or issues were addressed proactively.
Effective start/end date10/07/0030/03/01


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