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  • Burton, Agneta (PI)
  • Coleman, Helen (CoI)

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Development of a legacy for the national OPAL surveys and for the orchard research in the East of England. Further training workshops and field events for the national surveys, including a new Tree Health survey ( were coordinated and developed by the Community Scientist, Helene Coleman.

Identification guides to the epiphytic mosses and to epiphytic lichens in East of England orchards were distributed to community groups, orchard groups and individuals across England ( Associated field survey events were run in the East of England to aid their use for recording epiphyte diversity. Community Orchard groups have shown particular interest in this for recording colonisation in new orchards and changes that may occur after restoration management and a web-based guide to orchard surveys was prepared.
AcronymOPAL East
Effective start/end date1/12/1231/05/13


  • Big Lottery fund: £38,682.00


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