Parkinson's UK Network Meeting: Measuring Music, Movement and Motivation for People with Parkinson’s

  • Rose, Dawn (PI)

Project: Other

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The purpose of the network meeting is to bring people with Parkinson’s together with researchers in order to achieve the following aims:

• To understand how the role of music influences movement in Parkinson’s
• To identify how to measure the effect of music on movement, and the motivation to move, using appropriate methods for people with Parkinson’s
• To develop a strategy for public engagement and larger scale research in order to provide information for people with Parkinson’s which is evidence based

The meeting will be held over two days (see proposed agenda), both of which will be attended by members of our Parkinson’s Advisory Group to ensure that we always take into account their insights regarding the potential impact and practicalities of proposals for future research.
Short titlePD Movement Network
AcronymPD UK
Effective start/end date13/08/1830/11/18


  • Lucerne School of Music: £250.00


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