Pasta la vista: a potential biomaterial for regenerative medicine

  • Chau, David (PI)

Project: Other

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The ultimate aim of this project is to develop, characterise and evaluate the feasibility of pasta-based, 3D, perfused, human tissue engineered cell model for applications in biomedical and pharmaceutical research. In addition, the effects of the degradation product(s) of the pasta (i.e. wheat protein/gluten) on cells will be characterised accordingly. Specifically, the DHT Summer Studentship will focus on the identification of the optimal shape/size of the pasta and its effect on the growth characteristics of the appropriate human cell line. This wheat-gluten based structure could thereafter be also used directly to provide the perfusion network. It is anticipated that by simply changing the initial seeding cell line and optimising growth conditions/parameters that accurate, 3D, long-term, co-culture cell models of the lung or an artery may be achieved with the corresponding structural mimicry. As such, these novel constructs may be used thereafter for toxicity screening and/or as direct therapeutic human implants for the repair and regeneration of damaged tissues and organs. To this end, this project will not only refine and optimise current cell culture methodologies but also offer the possibility of establishing a platform technology for industry/medicine and facilitate the promotion of a feasible alternative to the direct and indirect use of animals in research.
Effective start/end date5/06/1730/07/17


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