Patterns of Resilience during Socioeconomic Crises among Households in Europe

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The 2008 crisis has had a major impact right across Europe with considerable differences between countries. Unemployment has risen everywhere, public spending and welfare budgets have been curtailed in some countries. But there is a lack of detailed analysis of how this has affected everyday lives of people and their ability to bounce back. The RESCuE project investigates human behaviour under economic hardship following the 2008 crisis in connection with the on-going development of ideas about resilience. The research focuses on the responses of purposively selected households in nine European countries. These include Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, the UK which have been more heavily exposed to the consequences of the crisis as well as Germany, Poland, Finland and Turkey, which have been relatively less affected.
Short titleResilience and Crises
Effective start/end date1/03/1428/02/17


  • European Commission (EC) - Horizon 2020: £363,103.00


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