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Vacation Studentship for Charlotte Chan. The grant is intended to provide a subsistence allowance of £290 per week to this student.

Phage-mediate transfer of bacterial DNA is known as transduction. This mechanism of horizontal gene transfer is important in cross biome genetic exchanges, with some phages capable of large-scale transduction at very high frequencies [1]. A comprehensive analysis of over 10,000 C. difficile genomes found ermB or tetM on various transposons in 17.2% and 14% of isolates, respectively [2]. One of the transposons, Tn6215, carries ermB and is mobilizable by phage transduction and conjugation in C. difficile [3]. There is limited knowledge of phage transduction of ermB, and it is not known whether other transposons are transducible. This study aims to investigate C. difficile phage transduction through developing a qPCR assay to detect ermB or tetM in virions derived from antibiotic-resistant lysogens from environmental sources.
Effective start/end date11/07/222/09/22


  • Microbiology Society: £2,715.00


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