PhD Food Policy: Thesis working title: Reconnection as a theme in food policy and its impact on vegetable production in England

  • Moorhouse, Jan (PI)

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Reconnection has become a key theme in food policy since the publication of the Curry Report in 2002. It represented a turn to the market in which farmers were urged to reconnect to their markets, supply chains and environment. What impact did this policy shift have on the domestic production of fruit and vegetables?

This is an interdisciplinary project in which marketing concepts in the context of food policy are examined. In The Curry Report reconnection was conceptualised as market orientation but The Curry Report also brought to the fore the idea of sustainability and reconnection with the natural environment.

Research Question 1
How did ideas about markets and marketing shape the policy discourse on sustainability and reconnection?
Research Question 2
What impact did an evolving food and farming policy, based on particular notions of reconnection and sustainable development, have on domestic production of vegetables in England?
Research Question 3
How might the challenges of sustainability and reconnection be addressed for vegetable production?
Research Question 4
How might heterodox conceptualisations of markets and marketing open up novel policy solutions on the role of domestic vegetable production in a sustainable future for farming and food in England?
The study involves documentary analysis of key policy documents beginning with The Curry Report 2002. Key informant interviews explore the underlying reasons behind policy shifts and to provide detail on the context and processes of policy change. Key informants from specific backgrounds are required, these include: policy experts, growers, and grower representatives
AcronymPhD FP
Effective start/end date31/01/081/06/16


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