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The Architecture and Design group at the School of Creative Arts of the University of Hertfordshire is taking part in the organisation of the exhibition in wake of the project “CATCHING THE CHAIN”, a project including a range of initiatives focused on the justice system and involving a number of partners. The culminating point of the project will be an exhibition at the St Albans Museum, a former courtroom (1840s – 1960s). The workshop is organised to provide an original contribute of for the exhibition. Given the short span of time at our disposal, the contribute will come in the form of three brief design reflections around the themes of segregation, reclusion, and the relationship with the “outside” and with society at large. This design reflection will be carried out in the form of a small model 50x50x50, mounted on a white 130 cm pedestal – to be confirmed with the museum. Alongside the models, three panels mounted on the wall, will provide context, explanations, quotations, or explanatory drawings reflecting the breadth of the reflections and their implications for the general topic of the exhibition.

Workshop organisation: Three working groups, each with two tutors. The tutors coordinate the design and lead the work group. The tutors oversee the practical aspects of making the models - materials, use of machines, etc. The model is the result of a choral interpretation of the themes. Given the short time available for both design and production, the groups discuss and focus on a short range of possible ideas in order for the design to be developed in the first two days and finalised in the last three days. The groups are in charge of the production of the model and carry the responsibility for the success of their model. On the first day, in the afternoon, HACRO will provide us some context and tell us stories of segregation.
Effective start/end date1/04/2417/10/24


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