Process analysis, observations and modelling - Integrated solutions for cleaner air for Delhi

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This integrated proposal has the following overarching aims: To reduce uncertainties in air quality prediction and forecasting for Delhi by undertaking process orientated observational and modelling analyses and to derive the most effective short, medium and long term mitigation solutions to reduce air pollution for the urban and surrounding region. PROMOTE brings together a cross-disciplinary consortium of leading research teams from India and the UK to deliver this aim. It will do so by addressing three key questions:
Q1 What contribution is made by primary and secondary aerosols to the air pollution burden in Delhi during winter and summer?
Q2 How do the interactions between boundary layer dynamics and long-range transport of air pollution contribute to the local air quality of Delhi?
Q3 What are the most effective mitigation interventions that will lead to significant reductions in air pollution and exposure levels over Delhi and the wider National Capital Region?
By addressing the uncertainties posed by Q1 and Q2 and by developing an integrated high resolution local to regional scale prediction and forecasting capability, PROMOTE will address Q3 and recommend mitigation solutions to reduce air pollution in Delhi. To meet this ambition we will address cross-cutting requirements of the NERC Themes for this call, namely, Theme 2 (Processes: physical and chemical) and Theme 4 (Mitigations and interventions).
Effective start/end date14/11/1613/11/20


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