Profiling mineral dust size distributions in the eastern Mediterranean with the balloon-borne Universal Cloud and Aerosol Sonde System (UCASS)

  • Tesche, Matthias (PI)

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    This particular experiment will allow the PI and a colleague from UH (Maria Kezoudi) to spend 16 days in Cyprus to test the Universal Cloud and Aerosol Sonde System (UCASS) against the advanced retrievals from TiARA, LIRIC and GARRLiC codes, developed in the framework of ACTRIS.
    UCASS is a balloon-borne open-path optical particle counter (OPC) that has been developed at the University of Hertfordshire. UCASS allows for affordable in-situ profiling of the size distribution of aerosols, cloud droplets and ice crystals in 16 size bins.
    The specific scientific objectives of DUSTSONDE are:
    1. To assess the quality of UCASS measurements based on independent aircraft measurements in the framework of A-LIFE
    2. To better characterize the desert dust size distribution during transport
    3. To study the dust microphysics using the synergy of remote sensing and in-situ methods
    Effective start/end date1/04/1716/04/17


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