Publishing Data Warehouse Blueprint Design

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As the Product Manager of Vista's Publishing Industry Data Warehouse Blueprint Design Program, I oversaw the creation of a comprehensive data warehouse management system for the publishing industry. The project's design included needs assessment, blueprint design, data warehouse design, ETL development, report and analytical dashboard design, testing and deployment, and maintenance and support. The program aimed to reduce the cost of decision-making, save resources, increase flexibility in multiple source data integration, and provide real-time reporting data to executive management systems.

Key findings

The high level of unpredictability and risk involved in the project also presented challenges. As a product manager, I needed to ensure that the project stayed on track while remaining flexible enough to adapt to changing circumstances. I accomplished this by breaking down the project into multiple work packages, each with its set of deliverables and clear objectives and timelines.
Effective start/end date6/03/0028/07/00


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