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The Opticon RadioNet Pilot (ORP) is a collaborative project that brings together Europe’s well-established ground-based astronomy community. It aims to offer, support, and develop access to both radio and optical facilities in an efficient, coordinated, and forward-looking program1. Specifically, the ORP merges two major European networks: OPTICON (focused on optical/infrared astronomy) and RadioNet (focused on radio-wave astronomy). This combined effort involves approximately twenty telescopes and telescope arrays, providing seamless access to both radio and optical observatories2. In summary, the ORP category encompasses a comprehensive approach to ground-based astronomy, bridging the gap between radio and optical observations.

This funding is to visit the Effelsburg 100m Telescope.
Effective start/end date24/03/2428/03/24


  • Opticon RadioNet Pilot: £529.13


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